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 Customer Testimonials


The following are testimonials provided by our valued customers.

Dan and Jean McIsaac


We started with our own unique plan for an octagonal home, complete with unusual materials and accessories. Brian's team made the magic happen, on budget and ahead of schedule. The tradesmen were very professional and hard-working, and carried out their phase of construction in an exemplary manner. They were always polite, happy to explain anything I needed explained, and reacted very well to requests for changes, ensuring they understood the scope and I understood the impact of what I was asking for. Any issues encountered, during and after the build, have been handled very quickly and, once again, professionally. Brian backs up his commitment to satisfaction in spades, and does it all with warmth, humour, wit, and style!

As for being the owner of an ICF home - WOW! Our home is warm, quiet, and feels like a safe harbour no matter what the weather is doing outside. Our energy costs have dropped substantially, and we are totally confident in the strength and durability of our new home.

In all, after seeing so many horror stories on TV and online, our experience with Parsons ICF has been stress-free and totally satisfying.

Heidi Seamone


When I decided I wanted to build a home for myself and my daughter I was concerned it would be an overwhelming process. I knew I needed my house to be functional and practical, but most of all cozy and comfortable. I really didn’t know where to start or what I would need to do to build a house, but one phone call to Brian at Parsons ICF Construction, who came by that day to meet with me; I knew it was all very realistic! They took care of everything, and less than 15 weeks later I moved into my beautiful house - it was a very simple and stress-free process!

Marcel Voege


We hired Brian Parsons of Parsons ICF Construction as a project manager to build our home in Justin Drive, Bridgewater; which turned out to be one of the best decisions we could have made. His work was very professional and he guided us through our project with ease. He hired only the best craftsmen in the area and made sure we paid reasonable prices for their work, saving thousands of dollars on our project.

Parsons' own crew, which did most of the structural and finish work, were great guys and easy to deal with.
If you are looking for a worry-free building process Mr. Parsons is the guy to go to.

We are very proud of the excellent result we achieved together and can absolutely recommend Parsons ICF Construction for your project.

The Sartys


In the summer of 2008, my wife and I were curious as to what was being developed on a parcel of land which is now known as Jordin’s Way. That curiosity turned into a conversation with Brian Parsons, which then turned into a new home.

We paid close attention as Parson’s Construction built two homes in that neighbourhood. We talked to and asked questions to all the sub-trades and they all had positive things to say about Brian’s company. The construction processes seemed to go smoothly and in a timely manner.

Our experience from start to finish was very much positive: The planning, the design and the finished product. Any issues that arose, no matter how small, were discussed with us and were handled professionally and to our satisfaction.

Parsons ICF Construction built us an ICF home, their first. It is a very quiet home and this will be our second winter living here. We are looking forward to another winter in a warm house with reduced energy costs.

If we were to build another home, we would not hesitate pursuing Parsons ICF Construction again.

Charles and Sandra Powers


Brian and his crew made our first building experience easier than we expected. He was able to coordinate all the necessary trades to complete our project in a timely manner, while giving us all the flexibility that we needed along the way. He never hesitated to contact us if a quick decision needed to be made and was always easy to reach if we had any concerns. His crews’ experience with ICF construction was obvious, while providing attention to detail with no shortcuts. We found Brian to be extremely up front with us on all levels, and would highly recommend him to anyone that was looking to build.

Mark and Heidi Williams


In July 2007 we met Brian Parsons of Parsons ICF Construction, when he was building the house that we now own. We were immediately impressed with Brian’s professionalism and warmth and quickly knew that our search for a home had ended.

Brian made the sometimes stressful experience of buying/building a house a really great experience. He was thorough and always kept us informed. He employed great trade’s people who did quality work – and he stands behind that work.

We can honestly say that in all of our dealings with Brian, he was a person of integrity who we trusted and felt comfortable with. He has done follow-up with us since we purchased and moved into our home and has endeavoured to ensure that we are satisfied with the product that he provided.

We highly recommend Brian Parsons and/or Parsons ICF Construction as a contractor, builder, and /or seller.

Chris and Shauna Haughns


When my husband Chris and I moved our family to the South Shore, we ended up renting a house to live in. We did not find anything right away that we wanted to buy and did not feel comfortable in building without getting to know the local contractors. Our family rented a house for 2 years before we met Brian Parsons. We immediately knew that they would be someone that we could and would do business with. So the plans to build commenced. The build was exciting and painless, with Brian right there to guide us through the process. Any glitches that arose with the build were ironed out quickly and efficiently. Brian and his employees have great professionalism and they take great pride in providing a great finished product. We love our beautiful home and would do the experience over in a heartbeat. Thanks Brian and Parsons ICF Construction for a job well done!

Brian Green and Marie White


Building a new home for the first time in our lives was not complicated enough for us, so we decided to make things even more exciting by doing it via email and phone calls from 4500 kilometers away! We had always been interested in building our home with ICF, but had abandoned that plan many years back because there were no qualified builders at the time.

Last year, a chance discussion with a building materials supplier brought our dream back alive when we became aware of Parsons ICF Construction. In one short hectic weekend in the spring of 2010, we met with Brian and his excavator at our future build site. We flew home knowing that Brian and his company were the highest on our list for who we wanted to work with. After checking references and finding nobody with a bad word to say, we took a big breath and decided to go ahead.

During the entire build, Brian kept us feeling like we were really part of the action with a steady stream of pictures. Our email and phone communications worked out better than we had dreamed they could, and when we finally nervously drove up to the nearly-completed house one evening in September, we knew immediately that we had made the right choice.

Over the next few weeks, we got to know many of the build crew, and were impressed by every one of them. If every business could be run with the kind of honesty, integrity and professionalism exhibited by Parsons ICF Construction and the tradesmen selected for our build, there would be a lot less fear about undertaking this kind of a project. We could not be happier with our whole experience and our new ICF dream home.

The Frasers


Brian Parsons and his crew came into our project midway through. We were having problems with the build and we needed someone to give us a hand getting to the next stage. Brian was always realistic yet optimistic with the hurdles we would have to overcome. Brian was able to fit us into his already busy schedule and provide us with a crew of guys to handle what needed to be done. His crew was on-time, provided a high quality of work, and were professional and friendly which was important to us as we were living within the construction. Brian was always available to take a phone call and answer any questions or concerns we had throughout the process and on several occasions went above and beyond our expectations in order to make the building process as pleasant as it could be under OUR circumstances. Even after Brian’s part of the project was over, he was still available to offer advice and suggestions. We would highly recommend Parson’s ICF to anyone who is looking for a company that is professional and trust-worthy.

Trav and Alex Wilson


We write this as a recommendation for Brian Parsons' ICF Construction. We came into the process as (perhaps typical) needy, nervous and picky first-time house builders. We were designing the house ourselves, had a very specific budget, and almost no experience or real knowledge of what it takes to build a home. We did due diligence, met with several builders, received a number of quotes, and in the end decided to go with Brian and his company. We are glad that we did so.

Brian met with us and provided a patient approach and a professional, guaranteed quote. Initially a little higher than our budget, we were able to work with Brian to design our plans, get what we really wanted, and meet our budget. We cannot say what a difference this was from the seemingly endless horror stories that you hear in home building. Far too often you hear of homes coming in “way above budget” with hidden or unexpected costs. Brian was as good as his word and what we agreed upon and signed, was exactly what it cost.

Brian was flexible, approachable and genuinely interested in solving any issues as they came up. The few hiccups that did pop up were resolved quickly and it was easy to get in touch with Brian to ask questions as we went along. After our first year, the couple of small issues (a small leak in high winds and a few pieces of siding that fell off) were resolved by Brian’s team with just an email.

One of our parents is considering building a new home. We immediately recommended Parson’s ICF Construction.  After 3 years in our home, that really says it all.

Italy Cross, Middlewood and District Fire Department


Letter from Ronnie Whynot, Fire Chief, Italy Cross, Middlewood and District Fire Department

"On behalf of the Italy Cross, Middlewood and District Fire Department, I would like to thank you for the diligent work that you did to get our new hall up and roof tight.

"As you know we have been working towards a new hall for a long time and to finally see the progress you made is overwhelming. We know that you went out of your way, in some areas, to give us a little more help than a contractor normally would. Many community members and many people outside of our community have commented on what a lovely job you did.

"From your work it is evident to see that Parsons ICF Construction takes great pride in their work, which is a credit to the tradesmen that you have."

Judith Orr and Dan Thimot


In late 2012 we wanted to build an energy efficient home that suited the surroundings - on our farm overlooking a barnyard and vineyard. We worked with an architect and the resulting one level solar plan had 90, 60, and 30 degree angles. We liked the idea of ICF for being built solidly, the energy and sound insulation, and for the lovely deep window sills.

We researched contractors and from the first meeting with Frank we were impressed with Parsons ICF Construction. We were able to work with Brian and Frank to do as much hands on as we felt comfortable with, and left the rest up to them! The whole process was as smooth as possible. The work crew was easy to work and communicate with, did some nice custom touches to our home, and put up with us being constantly around.

Our new home is warm, bright and sunny; and with fantastic views. There is nothing glaring we would have changed! We would (and have) recommend Parsons ICF Construction as a contractor and builder.

The Boutiliers


We contacted Brian and his team of contractors to build our home. We were impressed with the timely and professional manner in which they dealt with us. The package that was brought to the table was quick and everything went smoothly. If there was any change that had to be made I was called and informed promptly. I would recommend Brian and his team of carpenters to build anything from a shed to a mansion.



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